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So I hate to do this. I’ve never thought it would come to this, but the holidays have put me and my family into a really tight place. After a day of making myself sick, worrying constantly and talking it over with my friend who gave me the idea, I’ve decided to go for it. Nothing but good could come of it, and if it works out, I will be so entirely grateful.

Currently, I only have a temporary job. It’s enough for what we need, on top of my brother’s full time job, and we’re making due on our bills. We keep a notebook with our bills and groceries down to the cent so we know what we have to spend and how much we’ll have saved up for when things get to be tough. However, with Christmas money having to be taken out for presents, and my brother not working for two weeks, we’ve hit a wall. We don’t have enough to pay our bills.

Right now, with what we have and the money we have to spend over the next two weeks, we are roughly $340 dollars behind. We’ve already decided food will come before bills, but even then, if we’re late, we’re not sure how we’ll get caught back up or when we’ll be able to fully pay our bills again. If we could just get past these next two weeks, he’ll be back at work, and our money in our account will start going back up. It’s simply that right now, for as much money as we’re putting in, we’re taking out that and then some more. 

I understand that times are rough for everyone, but at this point, anything would help. I guarantee that anything that gets donated will be going strictly to our bills, and only to that. The money won’t be spent on anything frivolous or that we don’t need, and you have my word on that. If you could donate anything, even if it’s just $1 or if you donate more than that, you will be helping out me and my family more than you could imagine. If you can’t, then I completely understand, I know things are hard, but even reblogging this so others can see it, can get the word around, would be amazing.

You can click here to donate, or there’s a button on my blog on my sidebar. Thank you to anyone, to everyone that helps or reblogs this, into advance. I’ll never forget it. 



Hello guys, my name is Kelsey, as most of you know. I would like to ask some of you whether you’d like to take part in a study I’m doing for my Psychology Year 2 Research.

The research is looking into smoking and neuroticism connected with social anxiety. If you are a smoker (non-smokers are…

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i missed you: if i could re-write teen wolf 3a, i would- Put only the alpha pack as...


if i could re-write teen wolf 3a, i would-

  • Put only the alpha pack as the enemies.
  • Derek gets to rescue both Boyd and Erica + Cora.
  • Boyd would live and Erica would move out away bc her father got a better job on new york (so if gage wants to come back she can)
  • Cora and Derek hugging and…
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This is the best explanation I could come up with for why it takes me so long to do updates sometimes when, at other times, I’m typing them up like clockwork.

"I’ll be your Batman

Don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what everyone else pretends to love.

I have nothing left to give.


when asked about stiles’ potential ptsd

I’m trying and failing to interpret Hoechlin’s expressions here but I think it’s something like “you fuckin’ little naturally talented shit I hate/love you.”

Dylan about pool scene.